How to Get an API key From Google

Step 1

Go to the following address and click Get a Key

Step 2 – Login to the google account (you will need a google account in order to get a key)


Step 3 – Create a new Project

Step 4 – Create and Enable API

Name the project (in this case “Distance-Calculator” or any name you wish and Click “Create and Enable API”

Step 5 – Success API has been created and Enabled – Click Done


Step 6 – Go to API console. YOu can also alternatively follow the link below,geocoding_backend,directions_backend,distance_matrix_backend,elevation_backend,places_backend&reusekey=true


Select the Project we created and Click “Continue”


Add Credentials to your Project

(make sure you use “Google Maps Directions API”


Assign The API Key (if you dont have an API key, create one)



Click Save

Enable Billing

Please make sure you enable Billing and add a payment option


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